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My website is now www.wotpast.webs.com. Similar to the old website, but you have to type the "webs" part in now.  I lost the domain back in October and have been in the process of fixing the free website picture links. If you notice any that don't work let me know. It has been a pain and Now I have to fix the link in a few dozen other places as well. Not to mention all my business cards and brochures are incorrect now. *sigh* That's what happens when your domain come due right after you have a baby. A couple of months of not really checking email caught up to me and I forgot I didn't have it on automatic payment anymore.  It has been very discouraging. I can't get my old domain back unless I'm willing to pay a couple of thousand dollars to get it. And now all my previously published books reference a website that no longer functions. I apologize for any confusion. You can still find my books by searching on smashwords or amazon. If you ever have trouble locating info on any of my books, please let me know. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as I work to correct this problem.

BTW: Currently working on my next book. No promises on publish date. but I have a good part of the outline figured out, so whenever the new baby gives me a chance to work on typing it, I should be able to crank it out relatively quickly. :)

Sincerely, A.D. McLain


Welcome to the world of

A.D. McLain/Amanda Young


Author of Paranormal Romance and Fantasy Novels

Latest Books

Psy Touch

An erotic exploration into Earth's near future,
where a thought can pleasure or kill.

After the great psy storm of the early twenty first century, everything changed. Humans gained the ability to physically influence other people with a thought. The psy-sex industry exploded. So did psy crimes. Society began to break apart into a debauchery filled experience of exploration and no rules.

Ebook Available on Smashwords and through Amazon.

Paperback on Createspace and Amazon

Awake the Cullers


Book 2: History of Ondar Series

by Amanda Young and Raymond Young Jr.

What do you do when the monsters are real?

Legend spoke of people unafraid of pain. They gloried in war and death. Indescriminate killers, they fought past the point when most men would be dead. Nearly unstoppable, they terrorized the lands until at last they were wiped out in the Great Wars.

Or so the world wished to believe . . .

On the cusp of transition, Ondar braces for a return to the horrors of the past, even as new heroes emerge to protect the most innocent among them.

What do you do when the monsters are real? You fight.

Wolf of the Future

Spirit of the Wolf Series Book 3


Faith. Love. Betrayal

Werewolves are real. That's the first thing you need to know. Mara is one of them. Older than the others, she is powerful, beautiful, and alone.

Billy never knew about the paranormal world that existed right in front of his eyes. All he knew was his feelings for this strange woman he couldn't get out of his head.

With an ancient betrayal weighing on her conscience and an old friend who wants her dead, no one she cares about is safe. Mara must face the past she tried to forget and open her heart to the love she never dared to hope for in order to set things right.

Available on Smashwoods and Kindle

Paperback on Createspace and Amazon



History of Ondar Series


by Amanda Young and Raymond Young Jr.

If it was legal to kill, would you?

*   *   *

Buy Kindle or Paperback editions on Amazon here.

or get paperback through Createspace

Spirit of the Wolf Series


Wolf of the Present

by A.D. McLain

With Meg threatened by someone from her past,

a friend in danger and a serial killer on the loose,

their timing couldn't be worse.

*   *   *

Read excerpt from "Wolf of the Present"

(If you have trouble viewing PDF, click here to view in webpage)

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