Wolf of the Past . . . where the story begins

Wolf of the Past and other writing by A.D. McLain

Psy Touch - NaNoWriMo 2013 Winner

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An erotic exploration into Earth's near future, where a thought can pleasure or kill.

After the great psy storm of the early twenty first century, everything changed. Humans gained the ability to physically influence other people with a thought. The psy-sex industry exploded. So did psy crimes. Society began to break apart into a debauchery filled experience of exploration and no rules.

Lexy avoided the psy dens and band free zones. She was much happier wearing her inhibitor headband that blocked all psy ability. It was easier that way.

Jared believed in a life free of the bands, exploring their natural gifts to their fullest.

But in a world where a thought can kill, freedom can be hard to come by. When thought becomes crime, concepts like liberty and love become a distant memory.